Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teen Vogue Cover Girl Karlie Kloss

I've been a subscriber to Teen Vogue for a while now, and I always love coming home to see an issue on the kitchen table that came in the mail that day. I loved the May issue. The cover girl was Karlie Kloss, the destined for success model. I have to admit, she is a great model. She definitely knows how play roles for the camera, and give off a certain emotion or look. It was nice to have someone on the cover who isn't the "average celebrity". Instead of another Disney star, singer, or the it-girl actress of the moment, the magazine had a normal girl who doubles as a model. One of the things I love about Teen Vogue is that its not just about fashion and beauty, but about real issues. In this issue they had two interesting articles that I recommend you read. One was on girls trying to act older then they really are, and the other was about the dangers of smoking pot. Teen Vogue has done it again with another wonderful issue.

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  1. Girl I JUST got this issue and was THRILLED to see Karlie on the cover! She's such a sweetheart and is definitely not the typical drama queen model. Love it!

  2. PS i'm following you now. Follow me?

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  4. While I agree that Karlie Kloss is a superb model, I have yet to see an article from Teen Vogue with significant impact. (In my opinion, at least). Just as it's mother, Vogue, consistently gives the masses only puff pieces about underarm fat or some celebrity's Italian villa, old age, etc... Teen Vogue still churns out the same old eating disorder/drug abuse/peer/popularity issues, touching on the safe, dull areas but never venturing out into the more controversial yet challenging places of girls' issues today.
    In short, we all know about pot. And the trials of growing up. But what I wish to know is how we're supposed to take charge of our own sexuality, overcome peer pressure, and also break through the many many destructive myths about feminity and womanhood in our culture today. A good start would be to feature photographs that are realistic and transparent, not airbrushed forgeries.
    But then again, I only read Teen Vogue for their pretty editorials... so I might just be a hypocrite.

  5. I really like the teen vogue articles most of the time, they are usually issues that I am interested in and can really relate too, but I wasn't as crazy about the photo shoots it this issue

  6. I think Karlie is an excellent model. I enjoy reading the articles in Teen Vogue too, they are entertaining and are usually issues I can relate to. I love that dress she is wearing in the first photo.
    I really enjoy your blog.
    Love Poppy