Friday, January 8, 2010

Rodarte for Target

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So I didn't have a seventh period today, so I went to the shopping center near my high school until it was time for me to pick up my brothers when they got out. I went to Target and tried on clothes (one of my favorite things :)) I absolutely love the Rodarte for Target line. Its so chic and creative. The mesh shirts, lace, and funky prints are to die for!!! I loved the Lace Print with Bow Top in Black/Oxford Tan, the Mesh lace Floral Design Top in Chesterfield Navy,and the Crepe Slip Lace Dresses in Black and Coral. Also, the Leopard print Lace Dress in Black/Yellow is stunning. Its very out of the ordinary and I really like it. Dakota Fanning wore it in the Teen Vogue December/January issue. The animal print with the lace is an interesting combination. Rodarte for Target has inspired me!

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