Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantasy Shoes

Unique & Chic
Hand Painted Heels by Studio Jellyfish
Spring 2010 Nicholas Kirkwood
Crystal-Encrusted Heels by Prada Spring 2010
Viktor & Rolf handbag and heels
You can never have to many shoes. I'm a little adicted, and I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a shoeaholic (if thats even a word). I found some pictures of shoes I'm absolutely in love with above. They're all so different and unique. The first are hand painted which I think is so interesting. I think we've all seen the artistic girl or guy who draws amazing designs and pictures on their vans, but its not every day you see hand painted heels. I'm also loving Nicholas Kirkwood right now. His shoes are so artistic and well made. I love his use of feathers (I also love feathers on headbands. . .very chic). The crystal encrusted Prada heels are so pretty and delicate and fierce at the same time. They are kind of like edgy feminine (haha if that makes any sense at all). I also adore the Viktor & Rolf's Spring 2010 handbags and shoes. The use of flowers is so pretty and the cream heels are gorgeous. Shoes are a woman's best friend :)


  1. olala! love the shoess!!!! nice blog! <3

  2. thanks :)
    wow, i love all of the shoes!

  3. i love all the wacky shoes, great post!

  4. seriously a girl can never have too many shoes! i just wish they weren't so dang expensive. it's too hard to keep up with all the shoe porn out there!


  5. wow i love the first ones, the shoes with the faces awesome!!!

  6. Oh woaah,
    what a great post + pictures! Those shoes are ALL gorgeous..
    Panda xx
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment, lovely!

  7. Gorgeous shoes. I really like those first ones <3

  8. Artistic, hand-painted heels would be a great new trend.