Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Natural Chic

Fendi Spring 2010 RTW

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I just love Fendi's Spring 2010 RTW line. It was so feminine, fresh, inocent, natural, and light looking, all while staying chic, elegant, and poised. Above are some of my favorites from the collection. The first is my absolute favorite, and I'm hoping I'll be able to make a look inspired by this one soon. The second is so natural and flowy looking. I just want to wear it while walking on the beach with the wind in my hair. The third is so light and the structure of the dress is beautiful. I also love it with the belt. I know that some 2010 couture, resort, and pre-fall are already hitting the runways, but its beginning to feel more like spring, and this collection reminds me of just that.

Fendi Quick Facts:
-It was started in 1918 in Rome by Adele Casagrande
-The name was changed to Fendi in 1925 when Adele Casagrande maried Edoardo Fendi
-Karl Lagerfeld (current Chanel designer)was hired by Fendi in 1965


  1. damn. LOVE that fendi skirt... maybe I have to make one for myself....
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  2. The whole collection is amazing Fendi has really taken off the past five years

  3. wow i love the colour scheme!


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  6. i love the delacacy of the draping! =)

  7. lovely dress the last one