Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Print Master

Outdoor Chic
Erdem Fall 2010 RTW

pictures from style.com
I am officially in love with Erdem's designs. If I could buy a shirt that said I Heart Erdem (in the style of the I Heart NY shirts) I would wear it every day. . .ok maybe not everyday but you get the point. I was already in love with his Spring 2010 RTW collection, but after seeing his newest line I am now one of his greatest fans. The man's got taste, you got to give it to him ;) I loved the prints in this line. They're darker and more outdoor chic looking then the spring collection. Some of them remind me of a dark watercolor painting. I'm not sure how much one of his dresses cost, but I'm sure its a fortune. Too bad, because I would love to buy one.


  1. Oh wow, that collection is wonderful. I think I'm officially in love as well :)

  2. wow, amazing collection. I love your blog, I followed you!

    take a look at mine blog too :)

  3. Oh is alexander mcqueen not the master of prints

  4. so pretty!



  5. Love Love love this post...the prints are pretty