Monday, March 22, 2010

Forever 21

Twelve by Twelve

I absolutely love these looks. They are so feminine and chic. Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores because you can get stylish things at way cheap prices. Now I know some will say that they won't last long (and they may be right), but I still love shopping there. These are some of my favorites from Twelve by Twelve at Forever 21.
The Forever 21 Twist Twisted Wonderland Sketches:

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I can't wait for this collection to hit the stores. It looks so fun and magical. With all the hype over the movie that just came out, this collection is sure to be a hit. I just hope it doesn't end up looking silly or cheesy. Hopefully Forever 21 will pull it off and it will be magnificent.


  1. F21 is nice (cheap) for sure!

  2. love your blog! (:

    mrs. DEPP. (:

  3. I also love twelve by twelve, their outfits are perfect!!