Monday, March 15, 2010

What's On My Mind

I Love Her Hair!!!
Carey Mulligan

The September Issue
1 & 2. Vogue's Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington
3. Teen Vogue's Amy Astley and Vo
gue's Anna Wintour
4. Vogue's Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer

I've been waiting to see this documentary for quite a while now. You can imagine my excitement yesterday when I finally downloaded it off itunes. I'm hoping I'll have time to watch some of it today, and I'll definitely have time to watch it tomorrow (I'm taking the day off of school tomorrow because its my birthday!!!). I love magazines, and just flipping through them, but the whole experience. I'm probably one of the only people who actually look at the names of the publisher's, directors, and editors. My dream is to become a journalist for a magazine (preferably a fashion magazine). I'm fascinated by the production of making a magazine, all the work and brainstorming that goes into each issue, and the many glossy pages filled with photos and articles. I dream about one day writing an article on the season's latest trends, or writing a story on an important issue that women deal with. I'm an editor on my high school's yearbook staff, so I get a glimpse at what its like to work for a magazine. I'm also planning on taking a fashion journalism course this summer. I hope that blogging, classes, yearbook and my love for fashion will help me achieve my dreams. I'll also post about the movie once I've finished it.
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  1. I'm still waiting to see September Issue. looks hella good, so let me know what you make of it!!


  2. Happy Birthday! (for tomorrow)

  3. I love Carey Mulligan, she was so darling in An Education! And her Oscar dress was to die for.
    I have yet to see The September Issue, need to get on that!


  4. happy birthday!! i can't wait to see the september issue!


  5. Hi Sarah, great blog -- and even better to read about your ambitions. We run a fashion journalism e-course which will help you - our students have had some great results. Do get back to me if you need any career advice or help any time. Cleland Thom, director, CTJT

  6. i LOVE the September issue, i recommend it!
    and happy b-day :)
    i adore your blog,
    don't be shy and check out mine :)

  7. Carey Mulligan is such a sweet girl and talented actress, I love her hair-cut, but I don't understand why she turned blonde...Anywat, nice post!

  8. I absolutely love The September Issue movie!! Really, it is one of my favourite documents!!

  9. Haha I also always look at the names of the editors and publishers etc, eventually committing them to memory. I guess deep-down it's my secret hope to someday become a high-powered fashion journalist...and not a research scientist :P